Accessories Magazine's Q&A with Joey Wölffer, October 2017


It’s not every day that you come across someone with one of the hottest vineyards in the Hamptons, a hip handbag line and multi-brand retail store. But for Joey Wölffer, owner of Wölffer Estates Vineyard in Sagaponack and her eponymous store in Sag Harbor, it’s all par for the course.

The multi-hyphenate Wölffer fuses all her passions when she drives her Styliner truck up to the vineyards, where Hamptons fashionistas can indulge all their passions in the ultimate Sip n Shop.

Lauren Parker of Accessories Magazine caught up with Wölffer, known for her gypsy lifestyle and chic interpretation of bohemian, to discuss her store, her bags and of course, her vineyard!

How long have you had the store?

My Sag Harbor store first opened up a little ahead of Memorial Day in 2015. I never intended on opening a store, I was committed to growing the truck concept, but when I was pregnant, I quickly realized that the life of a nomad would be tough with a child! When a fantastic location opened up, it seemed like the right move. The first two years in that space were fantastic, but when a bigger space opened up down the street, I quickly jumped on the opportunity and am thrilled with the success of the new location! In addition to our flagship location, we’ve been lucky to have fantastic opportunities for pop ups in Nantucket (now heading into our third year) and a three-month stint in LA at Platform.

What is the price range of accessories?

The great thing about my stores is there is something in everyone’s price range. You can grab an amazing pair of earrings for $60 or an amazing one-of-a-kind necklace for closer to $1,000. Typically the range is anywhere from $60 to $1,275, but this changes based on where and when I am shopping for the store.

What are the store’s best-sellers now as we move into Fall and what are the highlights from your collection?

From my collection the Joey Wölffer Mini Bags are a best seller every season! They are the perfect size bag to fit your phone, wallet, chapstick, etc but also still look chic and put together while running around. Another best seller from my collection this Fall has been the saddle bag. The store’s best-sellers overall as we move into Fall and the cooler seasons tend to be sweaters and coats.

What’s more fun than shopping at a vineyard! How does the Styleliner tie into the stores and how are they cross branded?

The Styleliner’s assortment is ever changing. It really depends on the events we are doing as to what I merchandise in the space. Now that we have more clothes, I tend to bring racks so I can put more outside the truck. I keep the assortment as a mix of all our brands with a strong focus on the bags.

Does it bring people back to the stores?

Yes, the stores and the website. For example, in the summer when it is at the wine stand, people will browse the through the truck and buy little pieces but they always come back to the store for the full experience!

- Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

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