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Wine heiress (Wölffer Estate Vineyards) and fashion powerhouse Joey Wölffer is truly a leader of the pack. Not only has this Hamptons queen paved her way as a handbag designer and owner of her eponymous luxury retail shop, but she’s literally taken the show on the road with the world’s first mobile accessories boutique, the Styleliner Truck! Plus, she does it all with daughter Nell in tow and one on the way!

MINI | Thank you for inviting us into your home! Tell us about the place!
JOEY WOLFFER | Our home is small. It was the perfect starter home and we are actually now looking to sell and move on. It feels like a loft space with high ceilings and lots of style. My decor is simple, chic furniture mixed with eclectic pillows, plants, wall coverings, blankets and art from all my travels.
MINI | Do you have a favorite room in your home?
JOEY WOLFFER | My new back patio area. We spend as much time as possible out there— from early spring to late fall, we love it. It’s just so tranquil and relaxing and our dogs have freedom to run around with us and Nell loves to be outside running right along with them. The space also doubles perfectly for an adult cocktail party without an overly stuffy feel which I strive to avoid at all times.
MINI | What are some of your favorite elements in your home?
JOEY WOLFFER | I have a cow head made 100% from turquoise that I found through a dealer I work with in Paris, that is a favorite. I also love my Jonas Wood print that I got through my art advisor friend Kelly Padden. [Other] favorite finds are the antique wall hangings that we got on a recent business trip to Argentina.
MINI | Talk to us about your daughter’s room. How did you create her space?

JOEY WOLFFER | Nell’s room is colorful mixed with soft elements and sheepskin. I also incorporated a lot of patterns in the space to make it feel sophisticated and fun loving. Her room has really come to reflect her strong personality. Every time we go away and come home, she gets so excited.
MINI | How did you design the nursery for the new baby?
JOEY WOLFFER | [It’s a] work in progress as we are moving, but as I did with Nell’s room, I started with a key element. I found an incredible (new) Morroccan rug with ivory background and bold colors as the starting point. I also have beautiful floral silk prints that I found in Bali and framed. It’s going to be a little more girly than Nell’s, but we shall see what the new little one’s personality is like and change it based on that.
MINI | On a career note, tell us how you decided to start your shop.
JOEY WOLFFER | I launched the Styleliner at the height of the recession, seeing an opportunity to bring fashion to the customer just as food trucks were bringing food. I had no intention at the time of opening a brick and mortar store. I was able to grow the truck business quickly with a lot of hard work (some tears), but when I became pregnant with Nell, I knew the nomad lifestyle would have to change. A few months before I gave birth, I found the perfect spot in Sag Harbor on Madison Street. It was an old artist’s studio and the layout was just perfect for what I was looking for. Since then, I have moved to a larger store front, just closed out my second summer shop in Nantucket, and a summer long pop up in LA.
MINI | How is your personal style reflected in the pieces you curate?
JOEY WOLFFER | My style is more simple clothing mixed with fantastic, hard to find accessories. I believe that is reflected in my buy. I am always trying to bring the customer the newest designer that they have not heard of yet. After a few seasons, the designers I work with usually take off and become well known. I mix new and vintage and that is represented in my store.
MINI | What pieces will you wear most this fall?
JOEY WOLFFER | Since I am pregnant, I am loving Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans, a very comfortable bootie and a fun shirt (really enjoying stripes this pregnancy) with a cool vest (sometimes embroidered, sometimes leather). I love to accessorize, so from earrings to a necklace, I always play it up! I also have quite a collection of oversized vintage dresses that I don during pregnancy! A favorite new one came from a trunk show we did with LA brand Just Say Native this past summer.
MINI | Where are your favorite places to shop? For yourself and your daughter.
JOEY WOLFFER | My favorite store in the world is the vintage shop RELLIK in London. I have incredible dresses and jackets from them. Most of my clothes come from my store, but I buy some fun trend pieces from Zara and basics from the Outnet and Shopbop— from my bed in Sag Harbor. Kids shopping is my favorite, especially as I can’t fit into anything right now. I buy a lot from local stores Ethel & Row and Stella & Ruby. Online, I shop at and My favorite place to shop for babies is in Paris. I always do a big buy at Monoprix (they have the best and cheapest collection) and Bonton.
MINI | Now that you’re expecting baby number two, tell us how you feel! What do you anticipate the transition will be like going from one to two kids?
JOEY WOLFFER | Terrified. But as with the first, we will adjust. All these big changes take time, but I am really looking forward to growing my family. I am still unsure of how the transition will be! We have told Nell she is expecting a baby sister [and] she seems excited. It sort of goes like this, “Mama, baby, sister, food, share, Marshall (her favorite character from Paw Patrol).” So we will see, but I’m excited for her to have a playmate!
MINI | Tell us how you chose your daughter’s name. Are you having an easy or tough time choosing a name for the new baby?
JOEY WOLFFER | We loved the name Nell and met a lovely English girl at a wedding whose name was Nell so that sealed the deal. Her middle name, Christiana, is in honor of my Dad. The irony is she was born with his sparkling blue eyes and naughty smile, so it’s perfect for her. The next baby’s name came about in the same way. Our family’s names are too German for us or too simple (on my English side), so we found a beautiful name that goes perfectly with Nell, but you’ll have to wait for that one!
MINI | How has motherhood changed you?
JOEY WOLFFER | Interestingly enough, motherhood has made me more driven than ever before. I want to be the role model of a strong businesswoman who can do whatever she puts her mind to. So while
it’s so hard for me to leave her for work trips, I hope one day when she looks back, she will see it was to set an example for her. Also, I am more comfortable in my skin— knowing my body is so incredible and can go through so much is such an empowering thing!
MINI | How do you balance motherhood with your busy career?
JOEY WOLFFER | People ask me that a lot, but I don’t do any of it on my own. I surround myself with amazing people whether at home or in my businesses. The summers are a little tougher because we are pulled in a lot of directions, but I think motherhood has really focused me. I no longer have the time to get distracted, I need to get it all done so I can be with my daughter. I love being a mom, but I also love working, both roles keep me ticking.
MINI | What is your greatest joy of motherhood?
JOEY WOLFFER | Watching this little person experience things for the first time. Her excitement and pure joy make all the hard times worth it. I am loving toddlerhood as well because every day is different! She is learning new words and sayings— she is hilarious!
MINI | How about your greatest parenting fear or worry?
JOEY WOLFFER | The future of our world, both for security reasons and for our planet. Our children’s future is very uncertain. I fight with myself every day to live in the moment and do my part in working towards a better world.
MINI | What do you think is the one aspect of motherhood no one really warns you about?
JOEY WOLFFER | I never knew I could love anything as much as I love Nell and with that comes a lot of emotion which I was not totally prepared for. I am responsible for
the safety and future of this little person and I didn’t realize how much that would affect my everyday. I am now two years in and it’s become much more normal, but that was a huge shock when she was born.
MINI | We know schedules can be hectic— so tell us about yours! What does a typical day look like right now?
JOEY WOLFFER | Most mornings, we are up at 7 when Nell makes herself known to the world through the monitor! Our morning routines start with some playtime in the crib, negotiating outfits, milk, and then breakfast. Some mornings, we will pop in to town to have an Acai bowl (her favorite). I have a lovely nanny who arrives and I usually go exercise— pilates and AKT in Motion are my routine at the moment. Then I’m in the office at the winery or in the store. I am in the store a lot in the summer, but once fall hits, I spend more time in the office. I am in the city once a week for meetings as well. Most evenings, we go for a family walk with our dogs followed by Nell’s 7:30 bedtime. In the summer, we are out a lot of evening, but this time of year is a lot quieter! We’ve done some serious Netflix binging recently with Narcos, Ozark and Gypsy!
MINI | What do you love about raising your kids in the Hamptons?
JOEY WOLFFER | Honestly, we live in such a crazy world right now. I am comforted living in such a safe place where I feel Nell can be anywhere and I don’t have to worry. We are also out in nature at all times and that is something I really value raising children. Nell’s school is a working farm and she loves it. They go out and feed the animals every day regardless of the weather. Nell and I share a love for horses and riding so being able to do that all week is so special. We are so lucky that living out here is an option for us. If we didn’t have our businesses, we wouldn’t have the opportunity.
MINI | If you could give your kids one piece of advice, what would it be?
JOEY WOLFFER | Always be authentic. Accepting exactly who you are in the world is the only way to be happy.

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